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Novello (novej or Novel in Piedmont ) is an Italian town of 1,042 inhabitants in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont . Common to purely agricultural viticulture. Wine of excellence is the Barolo , to this are added the Dolcetto and Barbera . Novello along with some winemakers rediscovered and revived the Nascetta (in Piedmontese Nas-Cetta), vine white indigenous native Novello, only one in the Langa .

The town of Novello is part of the wine landscape of the Langhe Roero and Monferrato heritage UNESCO.

Novello is in the Langhe Barolo in val Tanaro halfway between Cherasco and Dogliani and between Alba and Fossano . It is part of the Union of Municipalities of Barolo


Novello was for centuries the center of a feudal state, ruled by a branch of the family Del Carretto . Located in arduinica, it was presumably become property dell'aleramico Bonifacio del Vasto in 1091 and which he passed on to his descendants. With the death of James I Del Carretto, Marquis of Finale, and the division of his dominions between his three sons in 1268 , he was born the lordship (county?) Novello, entrusted to his son Henry. Its magnitude can be gauged by the investiture granted by Charles IV to the brothers Antonio, Alberto, Enrico, Franceschino and Manfredo, sons of a subsequent Giacomo Del Carretto. The act, drafted on February 2, 1354 , confirmed the ancient privileges of the family about the points of Novello, Monchiero , Sinio , Albaretto della Torre , Arguello , Serravalle Langhe , Bossolasco , Gorzegno , Mombarcaro , Lodisio , Castino , Cerreto, along with part of Cosseria, Millesimo Carcare. In the centuries that some of these places gave rise to the Marquis of Gorzegno .

From the fifteenth century it was formed in the village a dominant group, linked somehow always to the Del Carretto, composed of representatives of a few families of the "aristocracy local" that formed the City Council, among which are found the Ferreri / or, Moretti , Borio (in the seventeenth century that gave six mayors), Tarditi, Red, Pira, Marescotti, Belmonda, Alexandria, Vajra and Passone.

What you can expect to find in Novello.

Within 3 minutes of walking from the villa you can find a small bakery, a mini market, a cosy wine bar, a local cafe, a few restaurants and wine shops.
There are also a post office and a gas station.
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